Expo 2027 Málaga will be our chance to reflect together on how cities are advancing towards sustainability. Join us on this day on which technicians and urban managers from cities around the world will share their strategies and solutions in the area of sustainability and innovation in urban management.







  9’00 -9’30 Registration


9’30 -9´45 Greeting

  • Dimitri S. Kerkentzes. Secretary General of the BIE.
  • Ana Esmeralda Martínez. Director General of Economic Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain.
  • Carolina España. Councilor of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Junta of Andalusia.


9’45-10’15 Opening Lecture: “THE URBAN ERA: global perspectives of urbanization and its impact on the planet”.


  • Alfonso Vegara. Architect & urban planner; president of Fundación Metrópoli.
  • Carlos Moreno. Professor at the University of Paris IAE-Pantheon Sorbonne, co-founder and scientific director of the ETI Chair "Entrepreneurship-Territory-Innovation"


10’15-10’45 Urban Laboratory

Examples of ongoing innovation programs for urban sustainability in various countries & cities.


Conductor: Ana Belen Moreno. Urban anthropologist, president of OnCities2030.

Coordinator of Habitat III.



  • Aristide Kassangoye. Gabon. Counselor for Ecosystem Services and SDGs of the Ministry of Water and Forests of Gabon.
  • Robert Lennard Le Hunte. Caribe. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Director General Caribe Trinidad Tobago.
  • Salvador Rueda. Director of FEUT. Expert on Urbanism, Supermanzanas’ concept creator.
  • Verónica González. México. Juárez Resilient Program Director, Ciudad Juárez’s Town Hall (México).


11’00- 11’30 Málaga’s Candidacy


Brief presentation of Expo 2027 Malaga aims, masterplan and theme.



  • Jerónimo Blasco. General Director of the candidacy for Expo 2027 Málaga.
  • Javier Pérez de la Fuente. Head of the Department of  Architecture & Infrastructures, Málaga Urban Planning Office.
  • Carmen Bueno. Expo 2027  Málaga Consultant.





12’00-12’30 The city comes into play ( Play the City) – Participative/ interactive session  

Participatory presentation of a digital tool developed to delve into the topic of our candidacy, designed to reflect on the challenges that sustainable urban management implies.


         Speaker and Conductor: Ekim Tan, CEO from Play the City/ Txell Blanco, developer of Play the city.



12’30-13’30 The Conversation :  Cities towards Integral sustainability .


Discussion panel and open conversation to analyze the urgency and tendencies for making cities more sustainable. 


        Conductor: Cristina Monge. Political scientist, and analyst.



  • Ana Beatriz Monteiro. Spain. Responsable Un -Habitat Spain.
  • Mamoudou Mouctar. Niger. General Director of   the Agency for the Modernization of Cities.  
  • Sergio Roldán. Advisor  for  International relations  at Government of Antioquia. Colombia.      
  • Torben Kiltgaard. Denmark. CEO. Copenhagen. Denmark.



13’30-15’00 Cocktail –Lunch.  Farewell reception.


  • Manuel Marmolejo. Vice President of the Provincial Council of Malaga.
  • Francisco de la Torre. Mayor of Malaga.