Mouctar Mamoudou

Mouctar Mamoudou

Mamoudou Mouctar
Mouctar Mamoudou
  • Graduate of the African School of Architecture and Urbanism EAMAU.
  • Graduate in Urban Planning and Development from the Ecole d'Urbanisme in Paris.
  • Diploma in International Expertise on Developing Cities from the Paris School of Urban Planning.
  • Former Minister High Commissioner for the Niamey/Niamey Nyala modernisation programme.
  • Former Mayor President of the Special Delegation of the City of Niamey.

Mr. Mouctar Mamoudou is currently the Director General of the Agency for the Modernisation of Niger's Cities. The Agency for the Modernisation of Cities is a structure for implementation and technical assistance in the implementation of urban projects, infrastructures and equipment, as well as assistance in the management of Niger's cities.


  • Technical studies for the construction of the Boubou Hama cultural centre in Niamey.
  • Supply and installation of traffic signs in Dosso Tahoua Maradi Zinder and Niamey.
  • Supply and installation of an illuminated totem pole on the right bank hills in Niamey;
  • Technical studies and control of the development of spaces in our cities.
  • Road rehabilitation and water drainage works on the Château 1 - World Bank Niamey section.
  • Technical studies and control of the development works of 8 crossings in the city of Niamey.
  • Development of crossings in Niamey: 29 July Palace crossing, Deyzebon crossing and Diori Hamani airport crossing in Niamey.
  • Development of roads in the city of Niamey: Niamey 2000-RN1 section (airport bypass), RN1 ROUTE Kollo airport.
  • Public lighting.
  • Supply and installation of optical lights and streetlights in Maradi, Niamey, Tahoua and Zinder.
  • Upgrading works in the Gountou Yena valley.
  • Paving of secondary ramps on the presidential road.
  • Technical studies and supervision of works for the development of public spaces in Maradi, Zinder and Tahoua.
  • Road works in the city of Niamey.
  • Detailed technical study of the development of the Yantala corniche in Niamey.
  • Study of an urban transport plan for the cities of Niamey, Maradi, Tahoua and Zinder.
  • Implementation of a public transport system in Maradi Zinder Tahoua and Niamey.
  • Construction of docks and development of an area on the banks of the Niger River.
  • Construction of fishing ports in the town of Tillabéry.
  • Development of a local fruit and vegetable market in Agadez.
  • Modernisation of the towns of Niamey, Agadez, Diffa, Dosso, Maradi, Tahoua, Tillabéry and Zinder.

Together for the modernisation of our cities!