Jerónimo Blasco

Jerónimo Blasco

Jeronimo Blasco
Jerónimo Blasco

Jerónimo Blasco holds a degree in Law from the University of Zaragoza. He holds a Master's degree in Territorial Planning and Environment from Fundicot and the University of Valencia. He also holds a Diploma of Higher European Studies and a Diploma of Specialisation in European Law (Diplome Edudes Approfondies) from the European University Centre of Nancy and the University of Nancy II-France.

Work experience

Jerónimo Blasco has extensive professional experience in the Spanish and European Union Public Administration, as well as in private companies in matters related to the environment, culture/education and territorial planning:

- Director General of Territorial Planning in the Government of Aragon.

- General Manager of the public company organising the International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008 Water and Sustainable Development.

- European Union official (currently on leave of absence) with experience in structural funds and budgets.

- Civil servant of the Autonomous Community of Aragón (currently on leave of absence): Legal adviser to the Aragón Parliament.

October 1993 to July 1995

Director General of Territorial Planning and Town Planning. Government of Aragon.

Main functions and responsibilities Main responsible for the urban and territorial planning policy of the Administration of the Autonomous Community, and, in particular, for the establishment of guidelines and territorial plans that promote the development strategy, as well as for the control of urban planning and discipline in the municipalities of the Autonomous Community. Staff under responsibility: 45 public employees.

Autonomous Community of Aragon. Department of Transport and Territorial Planning. Paseo María Agustín. Zaragoza. Spain

Dates 05-26-2003 to 01-01-2009

General Manager of Operations and Contents of the public company Expoagua Zaragoza 2008. Organiser of the International Exposition on Water and Sustainable Development.

Responsible for the following departments at the International Exposition. Water Tribune and Publications; Exhibition content of the pavilions, relations with the countries (105) and participating companies; Sponsorship and Promotion; Operation and Management of the event and Volunteering. Staff under responsibility: Approximately 2,000 workers during the event. At the same time, he was Director of the Expo 2008 Consortium, the entity responsible for coordinating the execution of the accompanying plan - infrastructure and equipment - for the event. The city invested some 2.1 billion euros in the event.

Name and address of the company: Expoagua Zaragoza 2008 S.A. Currently replaced by Exoempresarial S.A. Avenida de Ranillas, 101. 50018 Zaragoza. Zaragoza, Spain. Telephone number: (34) 976.70.20.08

Dates: 07-21-2003 to 05-25-2005

General Director of the Consortium for the Promotion of Zaragoza's candidacy for the 2008 International Exposition.

Preparation of the candidature until its designation by the International Exhibitions Bureau and obtaining support in the member countries of this organisation in coordination with the Spanish foreign service. Staff under responsibility: 21 employees.

Zaragoza 2008 Consortium. Dissolved entity. Type of company or sector. Public consortium in which the central, regional and local administrations were part of.

Dates: 07-05-1987 to 07-10-1995

European Union official - currently on leave on personal grounds - Admission through open competitions.

Principal duties and responsibilities: A-6. European Parliament. Assisting the Regional Policy and Budgetary Control Committees. Preparing draft reports related to the subject areas of both Committees in support of the Euro-parliamentary committees. monitoring the Committee of the Regions Liaison with the other European institutions, especially in the work carried out in the Parliamentary Committee on Budgetary Control.

European Parliament. European Union. Public sector.

Dates October 1985 to April 1986, August 1990 to October 1993 and September 1995 to June 1999.

Lawyer in the Cortes de Aragón (Parliament of Aragon). Access in open competitions.

Legal assistance to the parliamentary chamber, especially in the legislative process, with reports and opinions. Legal defence before the Constitutional Court and ordinary courts. Parliament of Aragon. Aljafería Palace. Zaragoza. Zaragoza. Spain.

Dates 01-02-2009 to present

Councillor for Culture, Education and the Environment and Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza City Council.

Political responsible for the Area of Culture, Education and Environment. The Environment Area includes the Environment Agency and the Parks and Gardens Service of Zaragoza City Council. This includes responsibility for Agenda 21, renewable energies, green areas and natural spaces, the Water and Environment Documentation Centre, water quality, atmospheric pollution, noise, etc. First responsible for Zaragoza's candidacy for European Green Capital in 2014 and for the award in 2013 of two Life programmes related to green infrastructures and the promotion of ecological and local agricultural consumption.

In the field of housing, he has been the first person responsible for the Municipal Housing Company, which promotes innovative projects in the field of social housing for rent, mortgage mediation and renewable energies in the residential sector.

Mainly responsible for Zaragoza's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2016 and for various cultural programmes that have received EU funding (urban art and dance), as well as for the municipal competences in the field of education. Responsibility for some 1,500 workers (including civil servants and employees). Zaragoza City Council. Plaza del Pilar. 50001 Zaragoza. Spain.